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Description of Forest Guardians

Forrest Guardians is an affectionately constructed TDG build by Armorgames. You act as a little fox, taking an active part over the whole field. Your enemies are walking along a firm way on which you can plant your defense towers. There are many small monsters acting as enemies and searching for holy seeds. To get not too simple, you have to collect money, dropped by the monsters.

Instructions Forest Guardians

You play this TDG by using a mix of mouse and keyboard. You control your hero by using WASD. Towers will be created by choosing the art of plant (ground, air, mass damage, etc). You can upgrade your towers by using seeds you have left. Just drop colored stones from the right bottom of your screen into the middle. Colors are attached to certain abilities. Red e.g. stands for more damage. Take care, as of level 3 there will be flying units. Depending on how good you are, rounds can be finished with 3 stars. Ambitioned TDG gamers will concentrate on their skill three and focus a certain direction. In addition to standard towers there are fairies, you can adjure. To chose a fairy, you need to click the fairy-symbol on your screen. Fairies are just applicable once and have a long charging time as well.

Conclusion Forest Guardians

An ambitious and fairly comfortable TDG. After an ordinary start, it's getting harder later on. If you get into this TDG it can be very funny. Forest Guardians is one of the better Tower Defense Games.

Forest Guardians is worth it.
Author Marc Tower Defense Author

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