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Description of iR obot

iR obot is a nice Tower Defense Game with fantastic graphics and a comprehensive game play. The maps offers hard-wired pathways, but therefore there are different modes for each map and additionally an up level menu. All this makes iR obot to be an awesome Tower Defense Game.

Manual iR obot

This Tower Defense Game is basically played by mouse, although there are some hotkeys included which can be quite helpful especially at the end of the story. You can build your towers between the pathways and fight against approaching roboters. Finally, accuracy and the right choices regarding improvements between the single missions are from great importance.

The hotkeys for iR obot as following:

  • 1: select drone tower
  • 2: select scorcher tower
  • 3: select rust tower
  • 4: select emp tower
  • 5: select rocket launcher tower
  • 6: select zapper tower
  • 7: select glue tower
  • 8: select live wire trap
  • 9: select magnet trap
  • esc: deselect tower
  • m: mute music
  • p: pause/play
  • s: mute sound
  • space: next wave
  • u: upgrade selected tower
On the upper edge you can find the manual buttons for a quicker course of the game or for earlier calls for a single unit. On the upper right you can see your energy bar which can also be used for upgrading towers. You can and should level up your towers between the levels because in order to be allowed to build to good ones you need to level up your starting ones.

Conclusion iR obot

Das Spiel iR obot is a decent one. Especially nice are the many small Youtube explanations and videos which make the make neat. At first sight and may seem to be a very normal TDG but especially the last levels show a different face and iR obot will quickly find out who is talented in the genre and who is not. Moreover, the other game modes are quite demanding, the good graphics do the rest. That's why iR obot can be played for a while and offers much for your heart and almost everything a TDG player wishes for.

A small advice: Level up all your towers at the same time instead of always building new ones. They simply become stronger and do a better job.

Starts moderate, becomes better after a while
Author Marc Tower Defense Author

Game Statistics: Likes: 16 · Times played: 11178 · Comments: 0 · Category: Tower Defense Games · Free

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