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Description of Iron Overlord

The game Iron Overlord is a very challenging and difficult Defense Game, I would say it sweet with a nice gameplay and a Graphic impressed. The first level will be feasible for all and should initially not be a problem. It is more difficult at higher levels, since you are then you should put different tactics cope. Again and again can it happen that you do not get with his chosen tactic cope and for a few minutes does not anticipate. Who new ways open faces, which is in Iron overloard but very far come.

instructions Iron Overlord

You play with the mouse and it may come not even so much on the Ability to click on, but much more to the observation. When Should I Use My troops as send out, especially when should I sayings use and build something ?

First, you have your main castle, behind which is a gold mine. In this can the money needed to be reduced, by means of the simplest units. This should work always to a maximum. After that builds barracks and may result in its first troops into the field. The units run by across the screen and the left push right on the opponent. destroyed If this, one comes to the upgrade menu and can his army up in any customize. The easiest way is here but not always the right one. If you not come with a phase, this is not bad, the assigned property points can always heruntergenommenund of a unit thus also be distributed. So you should search a little Try always a solution Find.

The spells are also obtained for passed emissions and these are always displayed on the battle map in the center of the map section. They also clicked with the mouse and then aimed it at a site at which one would like to have the effect.

The second limitation is the number of inhabitants. Although there are always enhancements, but still much thereof standing people from his heart on this also, in Can lead box. So it is mostly beneficial when his troops as long as possible alive and tries his village in the background further expand. Houses can incidentally also means sayings be cured and this is relative for most variants of the game important.

Conclusion Iron Overlord

Great defense game, which demands a great deal to the player. The graphics are good and especially not unnecessarily bloodthirsty. One has the feeling you stand in the battle and must therefore still long to see blood. In the long run it can be quite frustrating, but who the right bite has, is with Iron Overlord have a lot of fun. This is a small Gives background history, completes the game, even if it just a little is told unloving. You also have to not play by the same, if you have Flash cookies enabled, but can always start Game again to continue. Two thumbs up for giving Iron Lord and please this game here but a Facebook Like or Google+ 1, because our opinions this really deserves. Enjoy the game.

Iron Overlord has all what it takes for a Defense Game
Author Marc Tower Defense Author

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