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Description of Kiz Flower Defense

Kiz Flower Defense is a good Tower Defense Game, which impresses by its gameplay and its brilliant graphics. Essentially, you play a garden and have to defend yourself against evil bugs, which are trying to eat the lovely flowers. It's interesting that you are personally responsible for the commodities, the so called, Lumina. This stuff is being produced by planting different flowers along the way of the bugs. Alternatively, you can plant flowers next to the pathway as well, which also possess several skills. For instance carnivorous plants, water sprinklers and so on.

The defense towers can get leveled up until they reach level four, the plants instead cannot be upgraded at all. Each map includes 30 attack waves that have to be detained. The first levels might look easy for you but on these many maps it is going to be more difficult soon and in case you like it really tough go for the four single difficulty levels.

Sadly, Kiz Flower Defense also has a little disadvantage since you cannot call the waves earlier and so experienced Tower Defense players will have to wait for a few seconds at the end of a round and got nothing to do. Since this is the only real disadvantage in my opinion, Kiz Tower Defense is truly worth getting played and because of the cute graphics it is even suitable for children.

The controls are totally focused on the mouse. You can select the towers and the flowers at the bottom of the screen. At first, it might be a bit confusing that some flowers block, eat, poison and produce commodities. The commodity production should therefore be placed right at the end of the map so that they don't get guzzled. To upgrade a tower you simply click on the tower, then the upgrade button as long as you are in possession of Lumina.

Kiz Flower Defense is a good, smooth game which has everything a good TD needs. Expect for the short waiting time it is all done and dusted and will make you happy for a good few hours. In later maps and levels you can shoot constantly and now have great fun with Kiz Flower Defense!

In den späteren Karten und in den höheren Stufen kann man auch durchgehend schießen. Bleibt nichts mehr übrig, als sehr viel Spaß mit diesem Spiel zu wünschen.

Aren't we all flower kids. Nice graphics
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