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Description of Mahee Defender

Mahee Defender is the following edition of Mahee Tower Defense. Its again a 40-level TDG, what is played on one map. There are 4 main-towers available, they can be raised up to 9 by researching. Enemies are getting faster by this and its tough work to see them all. Anyway a solid TDG, which is making great demands on the gamer later on.

Instructions Mahee Defender

You play Mahee Defender by using your mouse in 2 different modes. There are no hotkeys you can use, but the gamer is able to decide between playing strategic or offensive. By playing strategic, waves are starting manually, the offensive way is giving you a time of 5 seconds.

Towers can fight air units, ground units and air-ground units. You should inchoate be prepared for fighting air units.

It’s advising to just build some towers and upgrade them to a high damage level.

Conclusion Mahee Defender

Solid TDG with just one mission and level. Level of difficulty is well balance, even if a little bit to hard for starters. It pays of getting through this game, although sound is annoying and research could be more sophisticated. If you like Tower Defense Games, Mahee Defender will be delight.

Last boss is hard, so use full fire power
Author Marc Tower Defense Author

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