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Description of Monster Town

Evil has returned out of the graves and is now coming for your town. You play the townsfolk and have to provide for their defense. For doing that, all kind of units have to be produced at first and even the production facilities aren't totally ready yet. The game was produced by Ninjakiwi and those guys are popular for their quality. Like the Plants vs Zombies style it is about attacking the Zombies, only this time by navigating townsfolk.

Instruction Monster Town

You play this Defense Game via mouse and soon you'll be in the middle of a click orgy. At first, you set your depot in the upper part of the screen. From there, your commodities for the manufacturing facilities are being distributed. Once the depot is settled you set your first manufacturing facility and you fill that facility up with men from the depot. If you think enough of the work is done you can take your men and put them on the pitch. Later on, you receive further manufacturing facilities and you'll have to spread your men tactically, because otherwise no replenishment in person of units is given.

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The single units can be supported secundarily by using healing spells. Icons for them are to be found on the upper right screen. It is probably better to use the number pad for them, especially when it gets busy towards the end. To be able to use these icons you will need soul stones which can be found during battle.

Conclusion Monster Town

Personally, I don't like click orgies but Monster Town captivates with its charm and caters for good joy. Graphics are really funny and beautiful, but then you'll probably expect that from a Ninjakiwi-game. The sound can be quite annoying. Good thing you can toggle mute it in the main menu. Tactical wise the game doesn't seem to be fully developed but that has to be appraised by each one of you. Three different difficulty levels are doing the rest and if you like Monster Town please give us a Google+1 or a Facebook-like. As usual, it would even be more nice to get a direct link from your own homepage. Great fun with Monster Town.

A town against Zombies and personally I like it better than the original
Author Marc Tower Defense Author

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