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Description of Paladog

Paladog is an epic Defense Game. The dog strives into battle with his fellows and has to finish of all kinds of monsters that come across. Thereby, you shouldn't forget the updates, the development of the own squad and finding cool new items. 240 single missions are waiting for you to be fulfilled and yes, it is stressful, even more than you would expect it to be, so don't waste any time, just start playing.

Manual Paladog

You actually can play Paladog via mouse but it is an advantage if you only use the keyboard in battle. You control your hero with the A and D button from left to right, with the number pad you send out your squad into the pitch and by pressing J, K and L you can use magical spells.

In battle you should keep an eye on the fact that all your squad members should be covered with your hero's aura because by doing so your units are able to use their special abilities, which will eventually decide whether you win or lose. You win the round, once you've conquered the enemies stronghold.

Between the battles you either use level ups in return for money, that you've saved up or care about your suit of armour. Inside the shop you can also sell collected items as well.

In case you might die, you won't lose anything not even cash. At last, you should always try to unlock units and send them into battle. Therefore, a unit needs to be at least level two before it is prepared to be sent to the frontline.

Conclusion Paladog

Funny game, neat graphics and so many levels. Regrettably little poor regarding the armour possibilities but although a long-lasting entertaining game. Personally, I think it doesn't measure up to My little Army , but regarding the playing time Paladog wins. After all, a great Defense Game which I can only recommend. To play it through I advise you to bring a couple of days with you. A funny thing is that you will get attacked by televisions and I never understand why they are doing that.

Oh my god! So many missions...woof!
Author Marc Tower Defense Author

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