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Description of Protector 2

Protector 2: Reclaiming the Throne is here and it's lots of fun. The developers removed a couple of bugs from previous game but kept the basic setup. Whoever wants to play a long-lasting and epic Tower Defense game is absolutely right with Protector 2. The graphics were slightly improved but still look kind of silly.

At the beginning the player can use 2 ground units: Melee and Sorcerer. Those units get upgraded throughout the a mission. This new feature leads to a slimmed menu which is easier to handle. Another new feature is the game speed regulation. There is a "Fastforward" button, which is really useful - particularly for experienced gamers.

Strategies, Tipps and Hints for Protector 2

Like in the first version of "Protector" the player should have an eye on the amount of melee troops. They can not handle the enemies which attack by air. So buy enough Sorcerers and keep them spread throughout the battlefield (and keep giving them upgrades as required). Giving all upgrades or a big focus on the first row of units is not a good strategy. You should rather also give your powerups to those units placed on the rear spots on the battlefield. This way you can better handle very big waves which easily break through your first row.

The game gets actually challenging in the later missions - so get prepared ;) and a long gaming experience is guaranteed.

Bottomline: Good game which might need some more improvements on the graphics.

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Protector - solid as usual!
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