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Description of The War Cry

The War Cry is an ambitious Defense Game which possesses a huge part of strategy. On the one hand you have to mine gold and magic in your village, on the other hand your enemy is on your tail with his permanent attacks. Here, it becomes apparent, whether you have a profound understanding of the game or if you haven't. Particularly interesting are the diversified missions and the upgrade system for your units. Have good fun with The War Cry.

Instruction The War Cry

At the beginning, you should coax a few grannies to get them collect a little bit gold for you and after a while you can press the level up button. Here, you can purchase new skills and troops. Those new units can thereafter be charmed using your mana.

Later in the game you can build up outpost and stand single missions. In some cases you have to wake up to the fact that some missions can only be passed with no mines at all being built. A special tip is that you are always able to heal your units at any time. Moreover, you should concentrate your fire power on to one spot which gives you a major advantage in battle.

The game is draws you through scenic landscapes and the difficulty level increases at a pleasurable rate. A glimpse on the opposing unit movements is always advisable, because some of them can be easily neutralized with magic spells. It is important to always buy all kind of available updates in each mission for not being on the ropes in eventual missions.

Conclusion The War Cry

A great Defense Game with good graphics. Missions are diversified and your will always be delighted by new accomplishments. As I said, graphics are fine, gameplay is in order. Sometimes you might have the wish to possess greater impact on your own units, since they only run straight to the frontline. That's why you'll constantly have to project possible future events. The War Cry is in any case worth to be play a good afternoon and definitely belongs to the better Defense Games.

Good Defense game, not too stressful
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