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Description of Zombie TD

Zombie TD is a Tower Defense game consisting of 20 different maps and missions. There are 10 different defense-towers available. To buy a tower you have to earn money. Besides, a small upgrading-menu is standing by after each map.

At this point I have to place a short warning: The level of difficulty can’t be changed afterwards. Unfortunately, I chose easy, so this report just describes Zombie TD “easy”.

Instructions Zombie TD

It’s played by mouse without any hotkeys. Your present money is placed top right. If you can buy a tower, it starts glowing. Place your towers wayside and let the creeps come. You can either start a round by click, or chose an automatic start of waves. There is an option to adjust the rate of waves.

You can also adjust and upgrade your towers downright, to improve range and damage.

Conclusion Zombie TD

Although there is a clearly arranged challenge in playing the simple mode, Zombie TD is still a well made TDG. The basic concept is handsome and graphics are moderate. After all, there are 20 different maps, what’s all right. Zombie TD is kind of playable but not a huge achievement.

Wenn die Spielfehler nicht wären sicherlich besser.
Author Marc Tower Defense Author

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