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Description of Cargo Shipment Chicago

Cargo Shipment Chicago is indeed a Tower Defense Game but it's totally different. It takes place in the City of Chicago and there are trucks, delivery-vans and cars, which need to be loaded before they can get to their destination. The loading happens by warehouses, stockrooms and other buildings. Cargo Shipment Chicago is a pretty refreshing TDG, which comes along without any shootings yet demands tactical behaviour. A great game.

Cargo Shipment Chicago Instructions

You play by mouse but you actually can't controle many operations. What you can do is, building facilities and houses. According to your missions, you have to decide between different things.

There are small stores, big stores, flower-beds, fast-food-shops et cetra. You can build them on the brown fields to become supplied. If you plant you flower-beds in a skilled way, trucks will bent off and enjoy the landscape, what buys you some time. Goal is, to supply as many trucks as possible. In exchange you earn fresh money. Use this money for further upgrades and try to fill out all spaces.

Buildings are adopt features of original towers, here. Instead of shooting, they are loading. Besides, workers have to get to the trucks and have a certain reaload-time-

All together there are 15 maps you have to pass.

Conclusion Cargo Shipment Chicago

After some acclimatization, you'll quickly realise whats going on. Cargo Shipment Chicago is a very tactical game. It's all about trial and error, but you'll have a lot of fun with it.

Graphics is fine, sound is not too annoying and gameplay is outstanding. Informations about Chicago between the missions are very successfull, in my opinion. So that this game is fun, and additional educating. It's a pitty, that there are no further missions.

Empty trucks as creeps is pretty new - thumps up!
Author Marc Tower Defense Author

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