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Description of Land of Eggs 2

Land of Eggs 2 is a tiny and friendly Tower Defense Game with four different maps. Each map can be played in 3 different difficulty levels. The game has 7 kind of towers, each of them can be upgraded multiple times (Level 9 is maximum). The aim of Land of Eggs 2 is to defend a "Kingdom of Eggs" by disarming all attackers. Cute creatures will hatch from the eggs, but only if you protect them.

Land of Eggs 2 Instructions

The game is controlled by mouse (or touchpad) and every wave of attacks is started manually. The eggs have the function of towers and are placed freely along the gangway. You can place an egg via clicking with the mouse at the desired spot. If you select an egg on the playground you can either upgrade or envolve them. "Envolve" will make a creatur hatch out of the egg. Unfortunately you can neither predict what creature will hatch nor what skills it will have.

Envolvements are based on these steps:

  • First Envolve - Required Level: 1
  • Second Envolve - Required Level: 3
  • Third Envolve - Required Level: 5

After the third envolvement-level a creature can be upgraded to level 9. A quick tipp at this point: Have an eye on the last value ("AoE") of the towers' specifications. If this value is numeric (instead of "Single") the tower will have an area of damage, which means it hits multiple targets at once. Those towers should be upgraded to level 9 to achieve a maximum of efficiency. Special skills are displayed at the top right corner. For example there are special towers which slow down or freeze enemies.

During the mission there will be a hug e mix of colorful creatures which will make sure the game is packed with action.

Conclusion of Land of Eggs 2

The background-music is quite relaxing and the whole game makes a relaxed impression. As a matter of fact the difficulty is not very high which leads to a rather monotone fight through the waves - that's not very motivating in the long run. A cool thing about Land of Eggs 2 is the Envolvement of the creatures which is quite fun. A personal advice from myself: Bring Ryu to level 9, it will do 414 areal damage :). The game has a lot of potential and hopefully the next version will be a true kickass game.

It's quite strange that you never know what tower you are actually building.
Author Marc Tower Defense Author

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