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Description of Cursed Treasure Level Pack

We are delighted that Notdoppler and Iriysoft decided to declassify the next part of Cursed Treasure Level Pack. Consequently, of course it is available on our page and as you might remember, Cursed Treasure was already a really great Tower Defense. The game itself hasn't changed a bit, instead 15 brand-new levels are waiting for you as well as a superb gameplay according to customs. In case you haven't played the first part, you can go for it right here diesem Link. As usual your device is to not get bugged by the invisible creeps.

Instruction Cursed Treasure Level Pack

The game is played via mouse and partly by keyboard as you might remember. Of course, there are hotkeys which will make your play much more comfortable. The three different towers are linked to the 1,2 and 3 buttons, the three spells can be used by the three buttons above the numbers (Q,W,E). If you wish to cut down several trees, you just simply press the SHIFT-button. This is quite smart to do, since that way you have the ability to earn money without hitting opponents.

Be advised to build up a few towers right at the start of the game to make your enemies visible again. That way, it becomes much easier to fight them right away. Endbosses are to be fought with the help of your magical spells, but to become decorated with 15 brilliant scores you still have to use your own mind a lot.

Conclusion Cursed Treasure Level Pack

As a matter of fact, Cursed Treasure Level Pack offers everything, that a good Tower Defense Game requires. Unfortunately, there hasn't been any change or improvements in comparison to the prequel and so it is in fact a pure level pack. Because of that, nothing really new is waiting for you and that makes the game no real big deal. Still, you should try to master those 15 new maps at least once. Have fun with it and please spread the game so that many new gamers will join our community.

Nice play, 15 brilliant ratings, filling up the skill tree - AMAZING
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