Tower Defense (or "Tower Defence") are pretty popular strategy games. Goal of the game is to defend a path or a building against attacking enemies. The defense is mostly represented through multiple towers - thats where the name comes from :-). In most games these towers can be upgraded, to make them better in the more challenging levels.

Almost all Tower Defense games are controlled by mouse. The player places his towers along a gangway, on which the mobs will come along later. As classic Tower Defense games are mainly round based, these incoming enemies are also refered to as "wave". The towers will attack the enemies in order to prevent them to arrive at the end of the gangway. If an enemy manages to get through the players defense towers, the player will loose a lifepoint. After a certain amount of so called "misses" the game is over. This amount of lifepoints differs from game to game. On the other hand the player will gain some kind of currency by eliminating enemies. With this gold coins, fuel, stars or whatever (depending on game) the player can buy additional towers or upgrade existing ones.

In order to win the game the player will need to place his towers wisely and strategic. All in all makes this a very thrilling and brain challenging mix of action and strategy.

One of the most popular Tower Defense Games is "Bloons Tower Defense 4", it has been played by millions of players. Since then a couple of wonderful new Tower Defense Games ("TDG") have been released - and we at try to collect them all on this page. Just click on a game which is appealing to you or use the search box at the top right of this page. The game will start immediately - you won't have to download or to pay anything. (Only thing you need is the Adobe Flash Player).

But enough said: Let's get it going - choose a game and find out why Tower Defense games are this popular! If you do not know where to start, try "Incursion 2" or "Cursed Treasure 2".

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