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As you know, from the left your own units close in, from the right side the enemies approaches. The game is kept in a beautiful comic style and brings along great fun. Additionally, you own a hero who represents the last bastion of calm. If he falls the game is lost. The huge peculiarity in this game is that there are a lot of upgrades included that are to be unlocked and above all you've got to assemble those corps all by yourself. Moreover, there is a well-balanced mission system in the game and numerous achievements can be unlocked. My little Army is an awesome Defense Game and mesmerizes the player for a long time.

Once you get stuck in a certain mission you still have the chance to go for the accessory quests. By doing so you'll receive items and equipment as well as gold.

Tactical-wise, I can say that you should always try to have a bit of mana on hand and then send out all our troops at once. That way you can constantly heal your wounded units during their battles. If you get into trouble in later missions it can be helpful to regroup your corps so that they can harm specific enemies directly.

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I love My little Army. Pretty, smooth and no bugs. That's how it has to be.
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