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Description of We fight Loan Shark

We fight Loan Shark is a Defense Game kind of like Plants vs Zombies. The story is quite simple. A few kids fortify themselves to build up a defense against the bad guys. Those enemies arrive n waves. The only difference is that you keep your total money always to the next level and use it there for upgrades.

Instruction We fight loan Shark

You get your units into position on the left part of the screen. The enemies arrive from the right side. Every single unit has a cooldown until it is possible to build it, again. At the beginning of a level you have enough time to get prepared for the bad guys and watch the rest of the game time how the enemies get smashed into pieces.

Between the messions you can choose on how to level up your units. There are several possibilities to make them less pricy, to improve there attacking skills or their defending skills.

At the end of a round all units get sold and your money is transferred onto the next level.

Conclusion We fight Loan Shark

The graphics is nothing special, the gameplay is also nothing spectacular, the sound is bad. The fun of the game is not really high since you actually only do something in the beginning of each game. Looking around in this genre, there are many more similar games that do possess a much higher fun level. A lot of them can be found here in the category Defense Games. To me, We fight Loan Shark is not recommendable.

There are many more Defense Games of higher quality
Author Marc Tower Defense Author

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