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Description of Necronator 2

The creators of Infectionator were hardworking and published Necronator 2. It is a mixture of real time strategy, Tower Defense and Defensive Game. Nice graphics, fine gameplay and a lot of upgrades. With Necronator 2 you should have fun for a whole lot of time.

Instruction Necronator 2

Now it is getting a little bit complicated because in Necronator 2 everyone seems to go mad at first since no one is following your command in the beginning. Moreover, you have to take care that in the general map that you do not choose an epical task at first. The goal of the game is to bear down the enemy. Therefore, you can send units to battle out of your castle. You can buid towers, use making spells or increase your territorium of direct impact. Every building has a certain task. During all battles units earn expererience points which they get credited to the account. Level 3 is the maximum here. Once you fulfill your mission, so called Challenges appear. In return of achieving a mission or completing a challenge shields for general upgrades, spells oder new units appear. There is also a hige skilltree existent.

The troops can be controlled by hand or move automatically while running. Personally, I use the automatic movements. In addition to that other parts of the world and more trophies wait to be discovered.

Conclusion Necronator 2

Nice selection of races, skills, skilltree, nice graphics and neat gameplay. Moreover, it is getting emotional when the own santa clause turns left instead of right. All together the game is great fun and should deliver a few hours of good fun. Regarding, it's a Defense Game it is really cool. Have fun with it and don't forget to vote!

Confusing at first, but once getting used to it it becomes great fun
Author Marc Tower Defense Author

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