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Description of Battle Panic

Ninjakiwi put Battle Panic online, a real classic amongst the Defense Games. The story of Battle Panic is quickly told. You own a village in which units can be created. Your village has to be upgraded constantly and in front of the town gates the battle takes place. The problem is, you have to acquire all sorts of commodities by yourself, actively intervene into the battle and your mouse is continuous running. If you own an account at Ninjakiwi, you can either directly login to it (for example from playing Bloons Tower Defense 5) or you can also play as a guest. We recommend playing as a guest.

Manual Battle Panic

In order to obtain commodities you simple move the cursor above the trees or a mine since the only commodities in this particular game are wood and gold. If you've done that long enough and possess sufficient funds you can move the cursor above a building and it is going to be built. That same way has to be taken in order to built units. Also the main building gets upgraded that way. Doing so makes general production much quicker and you can select from better units as well.

Every other minute you can order replenishment and send it manually on to the field of honour by just one click. If you move your cursor above an enemy a sword appears, if you click then you will attack the enemy unit. In the same way it is possible to heal your own units. As you can see, there are a lot of things to take off and only limited time.

You receive 1-3 stars depending on how good you've finished a map as the case may be. Those stars can be just for the own skills in return. Here, a good strategy is needed to move forward quickly on the the map. Sometimes you get rushed over immediately and have only little time for the built up, in some cases you have to create your troopers and so on.

Conclusion Battle Panic

Battle Panic is a pear under the Defense Games ones more. The first few rounds are easily to be mastered but then it is going to be tough. Graphics are nice, the orcs are rendered well and the gameplay is definitely innovative. Battle Panic is just fun to play and will be mesmerizing for quite a while.

A marvelous Defense Game. Always smack those orcs.
Author Marc Tower Defense Author

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