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Description of Battle Gear 3

The third part of Battle Gear got released and can satisfy its reviewers. As you can see from the games name Battle Gear 3 you will get a military game packed with all kinds of war elements. You try to destroy the enemy's military base whereas you also try to protect your own camp. Now, a single player mode is included as well as a campaign mode, which is very large as always. All that will attract the player for a long while.

Manual Battle Gear 3

The game is played by mouse and keyboard. With the arrow keys you can scroll over the pitch and with the number pad you can send out units for build ups or troops to fight. In a single player game it all seems to be quite easy, but in the world campaign it is getting tough. Not only, you will have to stand on the battlefield, even researching units, formate troops and defend your own territory is your job. In here, the amount of squads you possess is as important as what kind of units you sent out to fight. In case you haven't played Battle Gear yet, you should definitely read the hint and tricks beforehand.

Conclusion Battle Gear 3

Battle Gear 3 remains Battle Gear and nothing else. Maybe there is a little upgraded performance obvious but all things considered nothing much has changed. The military background is ok, but not categorical necessary. There are other Defense Games which are superior regarding this explicit aspect. Still, Battle Gear 3 has its charm and if you aren't afraid of click orgies against the AI, this might be your bet. Also of good quality is the share of research and buildout.


Battle Gear 3 is okay, but it is little different in comparison to its prequels
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