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Description of Civilizations Wars

In Civilizations Wars you lead your army into battle and you have to be mindful not to get destroyed by the enemy. The game is great fun and knows to satisfy the player especially with its graphics and its gameplay. On the other hand there are quite a few waiting times to take, but you'll find it's well worth it. Additionally, there is a huge level system and even more game modes to be found. Moreover, you can even unlock other races in the game. Basically, Civilizations Wars is a bit different in comparison to other Defense Games, but exactly that fact makes it so unique.

Instructions Civilizations Wars

Essentially, the game is very simple. As soon as click hold the mouse button and move over a foreign building, half of the men move out into battle. If you succeed, the building is yours and you receive new units. Once in a while towers occur which fire towards the opponent mostly. 10 men are being placed in there and you can defend that tower yourself then. Furthermore, there are mana springs to be created. Those sources produce magical power but no own further troops.

The enemy tries to take over buildings himself of course, too. If you click on the symbols to the left bottom you can use spells if your magic level is high enough. You win the round once you have destroyed all opponents and you've taken over the whole pitch.

You collect XP for each victory, which can be traded-in for ability-upgrades in return. You can improve your spells, learn new talents and improve your army.

Conclusion Civilizations Wars

Definitely, one of the best free- to play online games that I know of. Civilizations Wars is great fun and maybe to some of you it is more Real Time Strategy than Defense Game genre, but still practically, almost everything consisting of the game is marvelous. Tell your friends to play it too! At last, let me mention the epic end boss. That guy is extremely hard to kill. Personally, I made it after a few tries. Now, good fun with Civilizations Wars.

Civiilazations Wars is one the the major Defense games onilne.
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