Clan Wars 2 Red Reign

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Description of Clan Wars 2 Red Reign

Clan Wars 2 Red Reign is a classical Defense Game. The player owns a castle and finds himself on the pitch facing a computer opponent. Next to researching new units and the use of heroes the improvement and enlargement of the castle is to the fore. There is a nice skill tree apart from the regular level ups that is leading you through the whole game. Show us if you can become a great leader on those 10 different maps. Are you able to lead your troops to victory?

Instructions Clan Wars 2 - Red Reign

The game is played with a mixture of mouse and keyboard. At first, you have to acclimatize to game, but soon you get used to how to kill, get money and xp and after a while you get support from a mighty hero who will be from great help especially on front.

Moreover, the enlargement of the own castle should not be neglected. Every destroyed enemy unit brings you cash and since your castle fires automatically you can well fill up your own sinecures.

If you attack, you should save all your power for one mighty streak. It doesn't seem to be advisable to send out single weapon species and sacrifice them.

Conclusion Clan Wars 2 - Red Reign

Graphics are average, the gameplay offers some hotkeys at least and the maps could be a little more challenging. Unfortunately, older systems or netbooks might have some difficulties with the game performance wise. A solid Defense Game in the typical style where you scroll over the game landscape and lead an attrition warfare against the AI. Still, other Defense Games on our page might be better.

Older systems will struggle
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