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Description of City Smile

At City Smile you play the nation of laughing faces. Sadly, not all other faces look at to the same way and consequently you head for a battle accompanying your squads to spread a smile over the whole world. Who is quick enough and grasps each single mission?

Manual City Smile

The game is played classically by the mouse. There are laughing stations of which the yellow ones are always yours. Grey faces are neutral and all other coloured faces belong to the enemy. You can now send out hearts towards your enemies. To do that you click on one of your own faces first and then on one of the enemies faces. Once you possess more hearts than your opponent you takeover the current station. In case you'd wish to concentrate different squads you can click on the first smile and then move over to other stations. Out of each half of the hearts are going to be sent off on a direct way.

You should take care about all different things that are happening in the level and what kind of settings your enemy is using as well. There are evil clouds and aggressive smiles which do not hesitate to attack.

Conclusion City Smile

18 levels are waiting for you as well as an interesting sound. Graphics are good, the difficulty level could have been higher. In addition, there are only few tactical possibilities. Others games in this genre do possess at least a rudimentary Tower Defense aboard, which is totally missing in City Smile. It is a positive game and the basic idea is good, it's Lombard Street to a China orange.

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Nicely written Defense Game, sadly only few tactical possibilities
Author Marc Tower Defense Author

Game Statistics: Likes: 9 · Times played: 4494 · Comments: 1 · Category: Defense Games · Free

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