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Description of Incursion 2 - The Artifact

Incursion 2 - The Artifact is now available for free at! It's a true gem of a Tower Defense Game. It comes with a great story, many different units and rational setup. The graphics and gameplay know to please and the difficulty is finally challenging, even for experienced Tower Defense Players.

I've fallen in love with Incursion 2 and would highly recommend it to every Tower-Defense Player out there! Read on for quick instructions to the game and a quite important hint.

Instructions: Incursion 2 - The Artifact

The basic concept of Incursion stayed the same as in the prequel: You do not need to build towers, instead there a preset buildings along the path. Those barracks can be equipped with troops. Every barrack can hold multiple units - ideally a mix out of sorcerers, archers and melee fighters. The maximum amount of units per barrack is three but their power can upgraded throughout the game.

New in Incursion 2 are Heroes. They provide additional damage and will levelup with the time, gaining even more power. They also come with special skills. You can spend skill points on your heroes in the world-view after finishing missions.

Hint on the Hero-Levels

The average monster should not be a big problem. But there is that last unknown demon. He is the source of all evil and must be attacked by a hero. Only he can bring him down so you better focus all sorcery on that fella.

Conclusion: Incursion 2 - The Artifact

This game is real bummer! The only thing to criticize is the limited playing time - i would love to see additional 15 levels. The graphics are good again, the storytelling is splendid and the gameplay can compete with the alltime classics of this genre. I'd bet - no, i beg (!) - that this was not the last release of this series. Long story short: You really have to play this game!

Even on "Easy" it was a challenging fight and i want to see more of this series!
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