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Description of Monster Castle Defense

The aim in Monster Castle Defense is to protect the princess. But there is a twist: She is not about to get kidnapped but to be rescued - so you are actually the evil one, who kidnapped her. By using different creatures and machines you need to block the attacking heroes who try to rescue the princess. If three attackers manage to get through, the game is over.

Gameplay of Monster Castle Defense

  • The skeleton attacks with a high ratio but only on short distance (aka melee fighter).
  • The plant attacks on long distance and with that best placed in second row.
  • The slime slows down the enemies while the demon freezes them.
  • The bee hives run attacks on multiple levels, so they are a quite powerful and strategically important unit.
  • The dead body produces money with every kill.
  • The mud-man throws dirt at the incoming troops and bounces them back.
  • And last but not least: The dragon spits mighty fireballs.

Additionally there are a couple of spells which can be used to interfere the battle.

The upgrade- / levelup system of Monster Castle Defense is very good. You will find a star which indicates an available upgrade on units which have done a couple of successful attacks. This way your units will get new and improved skills.

Although the graphics seem a bit rudimentary Monster Castle Defense is a nice Tower Defense Game. If you like the game give us a like on facebook or google+. Have fun with this one!

A run on 'hard' should be enough
Author Marc Tower Defense Author

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