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Description of Azgard Tower Defense

Azgard Tower Defense is a beautifully designed infinite-TD. You can build four totally different towers which are expandable and capable of improvements. Here you have to distinguish wether you either build an upgrade for the tower or simply grant it a level up. By choosing the upgrades the tower will receive further abilities and skills whereas the level up will result in more damage.

If you build up skillfully you will get far in Azgard TD and be able to play it for a long period of time. Most particularly, the setup is going to procure pleasure and once you know the ropes the game is simply amazing. As a good advice, always take care to have a good damage rate with your towers, since quality rules, not quantity.

Archer Tower

The Archer Tower can attack air- and ground-units. The damage rate is quite low and the price of it is 20 $.

  • Corrosive Tower 120 $
    1. Upgrade of the Archer Tower. After each hit the enemies unit is taking a higher damage. It works against air- and ground-units as well.
  • Deadly Tower 200 $
    2. Upgrade of the Corrosive Towers. Has a high damage rate against ground units and possesses the ability to generate deadly shots.
  • Poison Tower 120 $
    1. Upgrade of the Archer Tower. Poisons the enemy and harms over a period of time. Good against both kinds of units, ground- and air-units likewise.


Gun Tower

The Gun Tower costs 50 $ and opposes only ground-units. The Gun Tower has the ability of Splash, which means vicinity damage.

  • Fire Tower 200 $
    1. Upgrade of the Gun Towers. Plays havoc and can even create fire damage on ground-units in a sustained manner.
  • Inferno Tower 300 $
    2. Upgrade of the Fire Towers. Causes lavish damage and inflames the enemy immediately.


Wind Tower

The Wind Tower's price is 30 $ and can only fight against air-units.

  • Ice Tower 80 $
    1. Upgrade of the Wind Tower. Slows down the attacked enemy. Very useful against fast units.
  • Stun Tower 350 $
    2. Upgrade of the Ice Tower. Has the ability to freeze troops for a certain amount of time.
  • Magic Tower 80 $
    1. Upgrade of the Wind Tower. Has magical damage to a certain percentage at it's disposal against air-units.
  • Doom Tower 350 $
    2. Upgrade of the Magic Tower. Enormous damage on ground-units.

Azgard Tower Defense is one the best infinite Tower Defense Games that I have played yet personally.

I love Azgard and it's a reat infinite Tower Defense Game.
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