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Description of Micro Base Defence

Micro Base Defence is a very good Tower Defense game. The aim of the game is to defend your castle of attacking toys. For that you have 5 different towers. It is very interesting that towers can be built only at certain places. Additionally you have confusing routes and various starting points of the monsters. This Tower Defense game is designed quite complicated and only recommended for real Tower Defense Experts.

An advice for Micro Base Defence players: At first players should start to built as much as possible of the 50$ towers. After that replace the tower close to the routes to 150$ towers. After that start to built towers in the second row for 360$ and finally the towers for 470$. If you still have money left start to built sharpshooter towers in the back. Have fun and good luck! Micro Base Defense is hard work and chapeau to everybody passing level 5.

Is it now difficult or impossible? Only the strong survive!
Author Marc Tower Defense Author

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