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Description of Onslaught 2.2

Onslaught is just a superb Tower Defense Game. At first sight, it seems to be quite inconspicuous, but once you get a closer look you will find out that Onslaught 2.2 has it all. Do not get irritated by the style of it since all towers are upgradable and from a certain level additional functions of the towers become free to use. Not enough by that, later in the game you can combine certain towers with each other to so create mega towers. In this regard Onslought 2.2 is definitely on of the best Tower Defense Games out there.

In later levels you should have a powerful computer because Onslaught demands a lot of substance. Since it is an endless game at a certain point the amount of opponents become uncountable and even the best and strongest pc will be brought to its knees, given that you reach that far.

Hier is a list of tower combinations:


rocket rocket+taser=taser

rocket rocket+laser+cannon=poison gas

rocket rocket+cannon+cannon=nuke


laser+rocket+rocket+cannon=rocket bfg

cannon+cannon=land mine

cannon+rocket= cluster

bomb cannon+rocket+tazer=sparky

cluster bomb cannon+cannon+rocket=big land mine

cannon+cannon+tazer+Sparky Landmine

cannon+rocket+rocket=Big Cluster Bomb

cannon+laser+rocket=laser cluster bomb

cannon+laser+rocket+rocket=Big Laser

Cluster Bomb cannon+cannon+rocket+rocket=Big Cluster Bomb Landmine

cannon+cannon+laser+rocket+rocket=Big Laser Cluster Bomb Landmine



As you can see, it is all about staying alive as long as you can and this is not too easy in Onslaught 2.2. Good players will surely reach attack waves with 600 or above and this should probably be your goal, too. Onslaught, a simply amazing TDG.

good game, but at one point all pcs go to their knees
Author Marc Tower Defense Author

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