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Description of Protect the Devils treasures

As the devil you have a treasure, you need to protect of brave heroes. In this TDG you take part on the evil side and try to ward the goldhords of being achieved by a squad of heroes. There are 4 towers available for defending on just one map. Anyway, there's something to be said for this TDG.

Instructions Protect the Devils treasures

It's played by mouse. During the individual monster-waves you have enough time to consider some tactics. It's important to plant your towers wisely. Fine tactical grasp is counting. For short-range fights you have Zombies, who arrange a constant damage to your enemies. They are also cheap in purchasing. Skeletons are equipped with bows and have yet a short range. You have to keep an eye on them and they are only effective to some enemies. Golems are throwing big stones, they are useful against armored units. The scubus acts as your special unit, with high range and enemies can't protect themselves against its assaults. Look to it that your units are equal. Smaller enemies can be taken out at the beginning. Use your special units to destroy the remained in the second or third line.

Conclusion Protect the Devils treasures

Graphics are okay, sound is annoying, the main principle of the game is well-known. It's good, that you can play the last level after you died a second time. It helps to get to a further level. However, I'm not aware of getting beyond the wizards. Protect the Devils treasures is an average TDG, but it's hard to stay long.

Also diese Wizards erwischen mich immer in der zweiten Welle
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