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Description of Protector

Protector is a really nice combination of Tower Defense and RPG. On the one hand it is a battle from mission to mission with the units in the Tower Defense, where you can upgrade your figures by your own request and boost your character between the missions. At first there are four different basic units available for the player, thereof are 3 magician and one fighter. Later in the game the player can activate 4 more units and finally rock the game.

Gameplay and tactic for Protector

The first missions will seem to be pretty easy for Tower Defense players. Units are placed at strategically important places and let the rivals arrive. Depending on your needs the units can be upgraded and advances will be reached very fast. The skills between the missions are quite important and players should keep in mind that there is not too much investing in the fighters, as they can not fight against flying units. Watch the video to get an idea of the gameplay.

Later things are going to change in Tower Defense and you work up a sweat. The missions are getting more and more challenging and you should have a long–term strategy, before your units enter the frey. You should also invest 50 pieces of gold to loose fields of the plants to finally give your forces their station on the fields. If you upgrade your units at this point, you will get back the gold that you have spent very fast.

Conclusion about Protector

The graphic seems to be a little bit frumpy but Protector was the start for a very good prodution run having still a lot of fans. The mix of research, upgrading and units is designed very nice. The music can be switched off. After playing a certain time, the music starts to be annoying. If you want to play a Power Tower Defense for more than five minutes, Protector is definitely a good choice for you. When you like Protector, our Tube or our page, please vote for us on the famous pages, so that we become more popular. That would be great and like always we will provide more and more Tower Defense Games online.

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