Symbiosis Greenland

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Description of Symbiosis Greenland

You may remember the first part of Symbiosis, you can play it on this page as well. The second part was released under the name of Symbiosis Greenland. There are 15 new maps waiting, who can be played in different difficulties. Moreover, there are lots of achievements to collect. Getting all of them is a big challenge.

Instructions Symbiosis Greenland

You are playing as a little plant, who has to fight back against an army of crystals. When you kill all your enemies you'll win a new map. Units have 3 different attributes:
  • Growth: growth of the unit
  • Attack: Attack of the unit
  • Defense: Defense of the unit
You can adjust your units in 3 ways. Either you chose attack, with a bigger range and more power. In this case growth and defense is degraded. To have an achievable level success, you should chose defense or growth. A further possibility is to chose a symbiosis of two units. Therefore you have to click on a unit and draw it over another. The targeting unit is getting a bonus for that. There are also special fields on the map. On the one side power wells, who enable extra bonuses. On the other hand contaminated fields, you can't build on. Special tasks are solved by playing Symbiosis Greenland in moderate difficulty and observing given instructions. You can earn experience points by passing the maps. Earned experience can be used to gain further abilities or spells.

Conclusion Symbiosis Greenland

It is a matter of a worthy successor. Even its not too hard. It's getting pretty hard playing on the hardest difficulty level and trying to get all achievements. Graphic is fine. The gameplay of planting new units is in need to getting used to. Sound is legit but can get annoying in time. I wish at least 30 new maps for the next part.

Solid Tower Defense with bright tasks
Author Marc Tower Defense Author

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