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Description of The Utans

The Utans is a well done Tower Defense Game. Orang-utans are struggling against the demolition of their habitat. This TDG remains thrilling by different skill trees and upgrades. Each and every mission is agreeable and level-headed, what promises a lot of fun. Are you able to lead the orang-utans to a victory against the evil polluters? Start right now with this TDG.

Instructions the Utans

You play by using your mouse. Initially you have to click on your main building, to choose between melee and range. Afterwards, you send your units to settle down at the groves.

Individual units can be upgraded, by clicking your tree. It’s getting thrilled, as soon you find some seeds. Depending on the sort of your seeds, you can split units into special forms, such as canon, machine-gun, or rocket-launcher. You’ll find analogue units, if you chose melee.

Seeds are not just serving as special forms, they can also be used as permanent abilities.

Some special abilities, such as reflecting damage, will be unlocked later on.

Conclusion The Utans

Graphics is fine, level of difficulty rises bit by bit. It’s all in all a pretty solid game. A plus are units depending on individual maps. Sound is okay, gameplay fine, The Utans is finally a funny TDG that works out.

Author Marc Tower Defense Author

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