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Description of Villainous

In almost all cases you have to destroy the monsters in a Tower Defense Game and your job is to eliminate all evil forces until you succeed. This time, it is all different in Villainous. In here, you send out monsters yourself and try to take over villages. We are extremely proud to offer this awesome game on our page and that Kongregate released it beforehand. Villainous offers a well-balanced skill system, a neat sound and above all, many different possibilities to start your attack. A Tower Defense Game, which is surprisingly different.

Instructions Villainous

Villainous is participated into two categories. One is the troops, which you send out into battle, the second are spells that you cast during your attack. The problem is, you do not earn additional money. Moreover, you design your plan for the attack wave and that wave does exactly what you've told it right at the start until it is dead. The enemies towers become more powerful each round and your own spells become more and more expensive accordingly. When a monster dies it'll drop all its funds and you need to collect it via cursor asap.

In exchange for your gold you can purchase upgrades between two rounds and expand your abilities by that. If you want to succeed in the long run in Villainous you will need to be quite skillful. Only those who can get enough monsters through the enemies coverage can receive the best ratings.

Conclusion Villainous

Villainous is well balanced and a really good Tower Defense Game. It is only annoying that you have to use the same formation over and over again once you go to battle and desperately try to save the lives of your little goblin so that they produce as much damage as possible. The tactical selection is a bit restricted by that and you'll probably wish to have a little bit more freedom in play. Graphics are solid, sound is good and the idea brilliant. In case you want to receive the gold award for each country you will definitely need a while for doing so. We wish good luck and heaps of fun with Villainous.

Author Marc Tower Defense Author

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