When Penguins Attack TD

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Description of When Penguins Attack TD

What if penguins are attacking you and try everything to shellac you? Right, you take the piece and fight back. In this stunning Tower Defense Game exactly that scenario is present. Build up all kind of different towers and even if penguins do look nicely, remember, they are only after one thing - you! Try your best to strew your defense units across the land and do not let them escape.

When penguins attack is a pleasantly designed Tower Defense Game which also children can play. The towers possess different upgrades and after each level new technological achievements can be unlocked. Maybe, the game is not the most difficult one you have played yet but still it is one of the classics. In the meantime the second part of the saga has been released and as soon as that one is declassified you'll find it here.

When Penguins attack will give great pleasure for a few hours and don't forget to upgrade the towers if you don't want the penguins to break through.

Classic, with cool graphics and a few minor bugs
Author Marc Tower Defense Author

Game Statistics: Likes: 34 · Times played: 24235 · Comments: 2 · Category: Tower Defense Games · Free

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