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Active Defense is lifting TD on a whole new level according to their own statement. Unfortunately we can not totally confirm that. Nonetheless, there is a little technical innovation existent, that shouldn't be neglected. In killing monster sooner more points are going to be rewarded. In fact, five towers are in possession as well as a generator. Graphics are poor, but after playing a couple of games fun will arise nevertheless. Personally we think, after level five it is getting challenging. Before that it's kind of toughening. Every towers has its own characteristics and not always the highest tower is the strongest.

Every mission unlocks more towers, or unlocks more points to level up towers. So don't wonder if you only possess one tower at first. The difficulty is to kill all monster asap within the first levels. Only later on you really have to do something special against those creeps. Apparently, towers are able to grow strength wise by surviving fights and therefore sum up experience points. I cannot approve that and am kind of disappointed by that.

Active Tower Defense is trying to do everything better, but in fact is doing so. Of course, there are a few innovations but a great classic looks differently to me. The first four missions are little more than a tutorial and maybe the focus should have been more on the game itself. The game doesn't seem to be finished or debugged to me in total and doesn't get any recommendations by us.

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Ambitious, but unfortunately not that great
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