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Description of Path Defense

Besides the singleplayer mode of Path Defense you can choose a multiplayer mode in which public games or private games with friends can be played. Path Defense offers blatant 8-bit-graphics, independent routes, 4 different levels of difficulty and a teleport-tower.

Instructions Path Defense

The first choice is between single- and multiplayer, the following instructions concentrates on the singleplayer- mode. The next settings are referring to the level of difficulty, the speed of your enemies, and your seed money. After starting Path Defense it appears a script concerning the different path. You can define a rout for the creeps furthermore, just keep the left mouse-button pressed and draw the path on your screen. Be careful not to shut down your drawing, halting will stop and finish your path. Several seconds after you have finished your route, the first monster wave will start, you better be prepared and have your defense set out of the 6 available towers. The biggest challenge is to survive the first rounds. Afterwards, your defense is placed and you can nearly just watch. If you want to play highscore, try to limit the route of the monster in order to have enough space left for your towers. Therefore your power is concentrated on a smaller area.

Conclusion Path Defense

Actually a nice idea, especially the private multiplayer is well done. Graphics shall be very bad, sound as well and gameplay is dubious. If the developer would have worked out a better gameplay, Path Defense would maybe a bit better. But in this case, nearly unplayable.

Oh man, hätte ich nur nicht so viele Teleporter gebaut.
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