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Description of Defense of World UFO

Defense of World UFO Despite a rather far-fetched background story, Defense of World UFO is still a decent game. Aliens had to leave their primary planet. They're now traveling through the universe, starving and looking for comestible goods. Of all things they are trying to clutter up at your fridge. Certainly you're not in the mood of supplying alien cadger, so you're attempting to get rid of them by using towers. 4 Towers, 5 rockets, many maps and 3 ratings are waiting for you.

Instructions Defense of World UFO

There are set routes for the creeps but flying enemies are trying to get directly to your basis. You can just kill them by using tower 3. This should also be your main weapon in mission. Bursting enemies can be stopped by using rockets, you'll get them for research-points. More than ever in higher challenges, you'll need some extra defense as well. Playing low level, Defense of World UFO should be played through within 70 minutes.

Conclusion Defense of World UFO

Defense of World UFO is a nice and kind of friendly TDG. Music is annoying and graphics and gameplay are medium, but okay. I'm missing a deeper demand and a fast forward. If you're a real TDG gamer you should at least fight yourself through this game. Defense of World UFO is not a big deal, though a solid TDG, which implies many basics.

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