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Description of World Guard 2

You may remember the first part of World Guard. Of course you can play it on this site too. World Guard 2 is a relatively little TDG with few towers which is although hard to play. But why should World Guard 2 act different from its forerunner? You can play World Guard 2 directly on this site and there are again 12 cards who are demanding from the beginning. There are some additional upgrades you'll need as a gamer. World guard 2 is a yet harder Tower Defense Game.

Instructions for " World Guard 2"

It's played with a mouse. You directly put one of 4 towers on the route. Furthermore you own a grenade and a slowing trap whose impact is limited to one action and designed for escaping enemies. Depending on how many lifepoints you have left at the end of a route, you are getting 1 to 3 stars you can put in your upgrading. Tier 1 will make the tower cheaper than usual, tier 2 will reduce the price of upgrading your towers, with tier 3 and 4 you will earn additional bonuses. As previously announced , World Guard 2 is a very tough TDG and you should try to choose an adequate tactic. You should at least choose a tower-upgrading considering your actual map. Besides is a fully increased tower better than many small upgrades. If you want to break through World Guard 2 you should have full firepower.

Conclusion on "World Guard 2"

World Guard 2 is an worthy successor and its definitely very hard to play through. Graphics are okay and it has a great gameplay. Despite the small units World Guard 2 can still attract yourself pretty long time. You should modify your tactics if you can't pull through the game. All in all a very nice TDG.

I already faltered at the second map..
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