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Description of Elite Force TD

Elite Force TD is for me one of the most challenging and undiscovered Tower Defense Games. You play one unit, which is caught in your enemy territory, trying to keep their fort until help is coming. There are many towers which can be upgraded in different ways. Moreover the routes of the monsters are going to change during the game. Also shortcuts are coming along and new entries and flying monsters are going to appear.

Additionally you have a hero who can get the coals with his weapon out of the fire. A very nice feature is that you get for each tower of one kind that you have, you get more damage. That means, if you bet all on the light towers, you get more damage with each upgrading or with every new tower.

You put the towers by clicking in the bar and then drag the tower in the field. To upgrade the towers you have to click on one tower and choose the upgrade you want to have. Between the rounds you have enough time to built your towers. The hero will be moved on the field with the arrow keys, like this the hero can interact at precarious places.

Thumbs up for Elite Force TD, it is really a very nice game of Tower Defense!

The first field is playable, when problems are beginning.
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