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Description of Tower Force

Our Tower Defense Game of the day is called Tower Force. At first sight it seems to be quite simple and shouldn't require too much skill of the player. It might be the case, that there will be more to be done in later maps, but using basic settings you just have to run a proper organization and no problems will occur.

Instructions Tower Force

You only have to chose your towers and place them wisely on the map. You should keep an eye on the option that towers can shot more than once on to the track as well as keeping them upgraded on regular intervals. Additionally, two special forces are there for you: the Power-UP and the upgrade for your range. This is something very powerful especially for the shock-tower and for the rocket launcher.

Tower Force Conclusion

Sadly, the game seems to be not totally finished yet. Probably, it would have been better to have used more time for the gameplay because the way the game is now the difficulty level is simply to low. Moreover, I am missing a couple of functions which are included in many other TDGs such as: fast-forwarding in rounds, autostart of new attack waves, more upgrades for all towers, special skills of the towers, e.g.. As you can see, there are numerous TDGs that are better than Tower Force and lucky for you, they are all available for free on our page. Still, if you like Tower Force or simply us, please give us a Facebook-like or a Google+1 to say Thank you.

eider macht das Spiel auf mich einen recht unfertigen und lieblosen Eindruck. Man hätte mehr Zeit aufs Gameplay verwenden sollen, denn so ist es zu einfach. Ebenfalls fehlen mir einige Funktionen, die bei anderen Tower Defence Spielen normal sind: schnellerer Ablauf der Runden, Autostart der nächsten Welle, mehrere Upgrades für alle Tower, Spezialfähigkeiten der Türme, usw. Es gibt also eine ganze Menge besserer Tower Defense Games, aber die findet ihr ja zum Glück auch auf unserer Seite. Wer uns oder Tower Force mag, darf sich gerne mit einer Empfehlung bei Google, Twitter oder Facebook bedanken.

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