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Description of Squadz 2

Squadz 2 is actually no real Tower Defense Game, but still it is great fun. Build your troops, defend yourself against fast-approaching enemies or attack yourself. The best in Squadz 2 is, that you can even play it against a friend in a multiplayer.

You should take care of the fact, what AP the single units are equipped with and what's their reach. By AP I am talking about action points with which you can do all sort of things. Each movement, attack or other action is payed by AP. In between the single missions you can unlock new units or upgrade them.

The game is round based and Squadz 2 offers heaps of joy. Who can get through all levels and be a real military leader?

The movement of a unit works like this: You click on it and then on a spot where you wish to go to. You shoot by marking the enemy with a cross and click on it.

A very good manual (in english) is even offered in the beginning of the game. building towers are to be occupied to get a troop onto the crosshair right in front of it and wait until the tower is down. Afterwards, you can click on it and build further units.

Don't forget to upgrade units (One upgrade = all AP of one round) and also repair them. The units become stronger after a while and simply cause more damage in battle.

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