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Description of Fruit Defense Express

Fruit Defense Express is a classical Defense Game like Plants vs Zombies. You are the gardener who has cultivated all sorts of vegetables and evil snails and varmints are trying to eat it off. With the help of all possible, awkward gardening tools and helpful plants you are now trying to handle this misery. Over 100 days of defense with uncountable upgrades, items and tools are waiting for you. Show the world that you have a green thumb and expel all bugs and varmints out of your garden.

Manual Fruit Defense Express

You fight actively by using the mouse and choose a weapon from your arsenal with the 1-9 buttons on your keyboard. On the lower part of the screen you can adjust the speed rate of the game.

Between the single days you reach the general menu and choose your arsenal from here. Unfortunately you can not take all items with you, moreover you have to make several decisions. Within the first rounds you are limited which will be unset in the further process of the game.

Once in a while a bonus level comes up. In some of those extra levels you have only limited access to your arsenal or in some cases you are only allowed to use own specific way of getting rid of the creeps. Eventually, missions like these bring heaps of fun into the game. You should pay attention to always have items and plants on hand for tactical reasons.

Conclusion Fruit Defense Express

Fine graphics, great selection possibilities and many levels. Fruit Defense Express is a solid Defense Game. Regretfully, this Plants vs Zombie style doesn't get me high, but I know that many of you will definitely like it. Still, there is a small flaw, because once in a while it takes too long until new opponents appear. Apart from that, everything is well designed and smooth around the edges. If that sub-genre isn't your style feel free to look around in here a little longer. Another asset is the banjo sound, which raises one's spirit immediately and suppresses the stress of the game. Get your jollies with Fruit Defense Express.

In my garden are beer traps and those ones are deadly!
Author Marc Tower Defense Author

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