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Description of Phase TD

Phase TD is a classic TDG with 2 different modes. You can choose between a maze and a mode, where the creeps are walking along a special way. Besides, the game is divided in waves and lately infinite. Towers are just shooting with their intended colors.

Instructions Phase TD

The game is played by mouse. Graphic seems simple but you will get used to it. You are setting down towers by left click and watch their development. You can upgrade your towers by buying power and range. You should have enough gold left for assigning a special color to all of your towers. A particular chosen tower will cost just some pieces of gold. The biggest tower is on offer for 500 gold pieces. You do not need to choose a color for this sort of towers. Considering the amount of gold, it's advisable to invest in them.

If you're well positioned its possible reach a high level. Waves are mounting from 10 to 20, to 50, 100 and to 200, where I stopped playing.

Conclusion Phase TD

Graphic is bad and it has an ordinary gameplay. There is just nothing special on Phase TD. Color selection has yet succeeded and its accenting, that you can reach all of your towers by one click. You'll probably be tired of gaming after struggling through the upcoming 200 waves. All in all an ordinary TDG

A one-click solution for color-selection is well-made
Author Marc Tower Defense Author

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