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Description of Realms Gate

Realms Gate is a Tower Defense Game with 15 different missions, you have to break through bit by bit. There are some standard towers from the very first, to upgrade them and to get new towers you have to earn them.

Instructions Realms Gate

You build your towers by using your mouse, with the aim to protect your dungeon of evil monsters. Monsters are moving from the red circle to the blue goal. You plant your towers in their travel path to generate a longer route. There is a bar at the screen below, this bar is padding by earning experience points. You get one level up, when the bar is completed. Afterwards, you are able to decide between 3 ways:
  • Tower Upgrades –upgrade your towers and get higher range and more damage
  • New tower – a further defense tower will be activated
  • More mana – you’ll get further building material from the outset. It helps to get into this game
You should mind balancing your units, otherwise you’ll be overrun. Higher range will help you to shoot over constraints, so upgraded towers have a great meaning.

Conclusion Realms Gate

Graphics isn’t that bad and the constitutive game principal is worth it. Sound is kind of annoying, but you can turn it off in the main menu. There is a certain attraction over all of the 15 missions, because tower upgrades are appealing and the requirement rises. Realms gate is one of the better TDG’s an gets a recommendation.

Upgrades are well done
Author Marc Tower Defense Author

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