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Description of ROT

ROT is a side scrolling Defense Game with a few role game elements. You lead a group of up to 6 survivors through an apocalyptic world that is threatened by zombies and you have to try to save the human race. A huge selection of weapons and equipment items are there and also upgrades are possible. You can even improve the equipment. The game itself seems to be one the good ones in Defense Games.

Instruction ROT

In ROT you have only 3 men in your unit. Those men are either specialized in melee or range fights. If you click on a horseman the tutorial pops up, which disappears later on. Under "view party" you can see which members of your group of heroes can be upgraded at the next level up and you can moreover equip them with new items and weapons. Under "vaccines" you can unlock a new horseman on the next level up. Doing so, will have a positive impact on your group and may unlock special abilities in addition. It's getting exciting under "upgrades" because here you can upgrade equipment items. Therefore, you have to left-click on an item and then press the upgrade-button. If you click on the plumbers tong and you receive a little bonus. Under "trophies" you can have a look at all your achievements in the game.

On the map you choose a mission and you can see the possible rewards. EQ means you get equipment, SP means unlock-points to unlock bigger enemies, the faces are their bosses. In the battle you can address your units with: retreat, withstand, move forward or total attack. The formation of your men can be set under "party view".

Summarization ROT

A neat mixture of Defense Game and role game. Unfortunately, there is a little drop of bitterness. There are cutscenes, but the total game length is quite low. Even after finishing the story line you can keep on playing and unlock further more advantages.

Graphics are ok, the gameplay well balanced and the sound quite defend in the background. You should be able to finish the game in two hours. If you wish to unlock all kind of things it probably takes a little longer. I can recommend ROT for a nice, chilled out afternoon, but not for anything longer.

After Penetration and Fire the enemy is down!
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