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Description of Shopping Cart Defense

Shopping Cart Defense is the first Tower Defense Game launched by its makers. Although the programmers are settled in the arcade game sector, they seem pretty ambitious gaining ground on the TDG market. On the first view Shopping Cart Defense seems a bit bearish, but if you give it a break, it's getting better. This game has its strength in the end. 10 different maps, 2 modes, 4 different towers and a lot of upgrades are awaiting.

Instructions Shopping Cart Defense

It's played by mouse. Just set your towers along the path and look what happens. The first mission seems to be a bit boring, but it's getting better. Towers can be upgraded and specialized. The following towers can be used: - Simple ape (specialized on single targets) - Great ape (deals mass-damage) - Snowman (slows enemies) - explosive cow (just explodes) There are stars, you'll get after each and every mission. The amount of stars depends on the life you've left. Additionally, you can earn stars for special accomplishments like determined numbers of damage, or killed enemies and so forth. Later missions will unlock further upgrades and after the first 10 maps it appears a 'dead-round' which is pretty hard.

Tips and Walkthrough Shopping Cart Defense

Try to focus on building towers combining mass-damage and single-damage. If you stuck on a certain place, keep playing older missions to earn further stars and become able to upgrade your towers.

Conclusion Shopping Cart Defense

After a disappointing first round, Shopping cart defense starts to amend. Graphics needs getting used to, gameplay is fine. Upgrades are pretty good. For their first TDG, the programmers have done a good job. I'm looking forward to further parts.

Hehe, die 3 UFOs sind eine sehr nette Idee
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