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Description of Skyscraper Defence

Skyscraper Defence is hybridization of Defense Game, Tower Defense and Card Game. Made by Freeworldgroup the game is worth playing for sure and even pros will begin to struggle in hardcore mode. You have to pick one side in the beginning. Both sides are fighting in a skyscraper later on. For each successfully finished round you get additional other cards which then can be included into your already existing deck. Your goal in the game is to overrun the other side until their life energy is hitting zero.

Instructions Skyscraper Defence

According to the cards there'll be either one or two path ways which lead you into the heart of the enemies head quarter. If you play the blue cards you'll attack. By playing brown cards you place towers along the own way. Be aware that those can only be build on green flashing spots. Green cards will grant you special abilities and will help you especially to get in possession of the cards you need. After each round the difficulty level rises and it is getting more and more difficult to break through the enemies lines.

Be advised that it's a good idea to try to have a few spare attacking cards on hand and once you decide to attack use them all at once. Single units are getting defeated far to easily and later in the game you will need a huge amount of troops for sure. Moreover, you should also always have a spare tower, since one of your own towers will get perhaps. It is also not bad to operate with smaller towers because those can quickly be repaired by playing an upgrade card on them. The lifespan increases a lot by that and higher towers in the second line can run untroubled for a long time.

Conclusion Skyscraper Defence

The graphics of Skyscraper Defence are neat, the concept is good fun and it is pitiable that only six levels exist. Although it is possible to play the other side subsequently and of course there are many new units to become acquainted with but the game experience is quite similar. Still, for a short period of gaming Skyscraper Defence is a good choice. In the tallest skyscraper on the highest difficulty level it is advisable to possess a powerful computer. Eventually, Skyscraper Defence offers quite a bit of tactical understanding which might demand a bit of your skill. If you like the game, the page or the article here, feel free to give us a link of your own blog or page, a Facebook-like or a Google+1. And now, please enjoy!

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